My first experience with art came when I was a Junior in high school. I was home sick one day and bored. I found a small board and with model paints, I created a dinosaur scene. I was hooked. I applied to the Boston Art Institute and art has been in my life ever since. I spent four years at Boston and then two and a half years at the SF Art Institute.

Over the years, I studied woodworking and carving, basic ceramics and paint techniques. I studied paint finishes at the Day studio workshop. It was at that time I developed an interest in craft and in the beauty of folk art. I collected and sold primitive antiques, mostly from the Midwest. They were mostly utilitarian boxes, mirrors and furniture, all with a special unglazed beauty. My first mirror with a shelf had a man holding a fish next to a canoe, all carved in wood. I exhibited my work at the ACC shows and at the Philly craft show. I had to let that part of my life take a back seat to our family business which was growing fast.

All this time has gone by and I’ve been slowly working on new ideas and my painting. I think I’ve improved the techniques and processes I use on the frames. Its become a much more complicated process for me and “one of a kind”. My work is a mix of materials. I start with a thick acrylic mixture and build up layers. I then use oil washes and detail for richer color. I’ve always been attracted to repeating patterns, like wallpaper. I love carving wood and the smell of the dust.

We have a very complicated bird feeder attached to our kitchen window; all makes of birds come for a visit. Birds and folk art to me go hand in hand.

I look to blend simple beauty with handmade and add a dash of humor. When you look at my work I hope you smile.

Thank you,